Spirit Squad Video Tryout Submissions Due By June 12

Spirit Squad

The YSU Cheerleading team is accepting VIDEO tryout submissions for female squad members until June 12.

Female candidates trying out will need to use our private Facebook page. (*This page is only for candidates trying out.)

Male candidates please email us your info and we will be in touch regarding a face to face tryout when we are permitted. Male candidates will be trying out for a stunting position.

 Steps to get started:

  • Email Coach Michelle Markota and Coach Jenna Schneider following information:
    1. First and last name
    2. Hometown, high school and any cheer experience
    3. Phone number
    4. Weight and height
    5. Do you plan on living on campus?
    6. Stunting experience and position preferred.  Stunting experience is not required!
    7. Name of one reference and relationship to you
    8. Facebook name (If you do not have a Facebook you will need to create one. This is how we communicate throughout the season)
  • Coaches will friend request you. Once accepted, you will be invited to a private Facebook page only for candidates trying out.
  • Under Albums on the Facebook page, you will find all the material and demonstrations for the tryout.
  • On the timeline, you will see a post that is labeled *Example*. Please follow this example when posting your material. Your videos should be posted in the comment section of your introduction post. This will allow us to keep all your videos in one spot under your picture. The videos can be posted all at once or one at a time. You have until June 7 to upload all required videos.

Requirements (Demonstrations on Facebook): 


  • Two sideline cheers
  • Fight Song
  • Jumps: hurkey, front hurdler, pike, toe touch, double toe touch



  • Standing - handspring
  • Running - round off handspring


  • Round off multiple handsprings
  • Round off multiples and a tuck/layout/full twist
  • Standing tuck
  • Standing toe touch handspring or tuck


A recent stunting video(s) that showcases your current ability (not mandatory/optional)

Please email us with any questions.

Michelle Markota | mlmarkota@ysu.edu

Jenna Schneider | jsstacy@ysu.edu