YSU Athletics

Academic Advisors

Rebecca Wolke

Senior Athletic Academic Advisor

Phone: (330) 941-1921

Rachel Froehlich

Program Manager - Athletic Academic Center & Student-Athlete Support

Phone: (330) 941-3610

Marty Hyden

Athletic Academic Advisor

Phone: (330) 941-3766

At Youngstown State University, academic success is the top priority for Penguin student-athletes. That focus is set by university administration and strictly adhered to by YSU athletic administration and coaches.

All Penguin student-athletes are assisted by one of our Academic Counselors, an area directed by Marilyn O'Bruba.

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Jermaine Hopkins Center for Academics

The newly remodeled Jermaine Hopkins Center for Academics is a private study lounge available exclusively to student-athletes. Located in Room 1099 in Stambaugh Stadium, it is one of the best learning facilities in the Horizon League and Missouri Valley Football Conference.

The center features a computer lab, study tables and private cubicles. In the spring of 2020 the facility underwent a massive renovation courtesy of a $100,000 grant from the NCAA>

The degree to which athletes are involved in the academic counseling area depends upon each student-athletes' needs. Generally, first-year and transfer students are expected to be involved because the transition from high school or junior college to a university setting can be challenging.

Benefits provided by YSU's Athletic Academic Counselors

  • Hold mandatory study tables for all freshmen, transfers, at-risk and student-athletes with a grade-point average below 2.5. Special attention is devoted to the development of study skills, time management, academic goals and specific skills necessary for the student to pursue and excel in career preparation.
  • Receive semester progress checks from faculty. YSU faculty members are asked to evaluate student-athletes' progress throughout the semester. Reports are compiled and discussed with head coaches.
  • Hold semester meetings with University Athletic Advisors. Athletes are required to meet with the academic advisers in their degree program each semester during the duration of their YSU academic careers.
  • Analyze available academic data. Academic counselors examine transcripts and test scores of new and returning student-athletes to identify potential levels of academic achievement.
  • Counsel student-athletes on academic options. Consideration is given to the student-athletes' strengths and weaknesses and educational needs, including identifying problems and making referrals to various support services.
  • Maintenance of individual curriculum sheets and completion of satisfactory progress report forms. This enables academic counselors to evaluate student-athletes in terms of academic eligibility and degree completion.

Student Tutorial Services

Student Tutorial Services provides tutoring to students in a variety of 1500-4800 level courses. The service includes regularly scheduled appointments for group and individual sessions, group review sessions before exams, computer-assisted instruction, and use of independent study materials. The students meet regularly for one-on-one sessions with peer tutors who are selected for their academic proficiency. The tutors are specially trained in study skill techniques. The staff provides educational information and refers students to other services on campus when appropriate.

Other Services

A YSU staff or faculty member can provide mentoring and take a personal interest in a student's progress and challenge them to achieve their potential. Midterm reports are distributed twice each semester to professors on every student-athlete to monitor progress.

  • The University Counseling Center is available to assist with test anxiety, career indecision, academic and work problems, and a variety of other issues pertinent to college students
  • Penguin student-athletes are permitted to register early to allow them access to classes.
  • Team orientation meetings consist of reinforcing study skills, time management, computer orientation, campus life, drug use/abuse, and campus safety.
  • First-Year Student Services offers peer assistance and programming to build confidence and develop direction for new and transfer students.

Mentoring Services

The mentoring service is available to any freshman through senior who wants consultation from a volunteer faculty or staff member on educational matters, career issues, and advice on requirements and procedures. Mentors are assigned on the basis of the same academic department, a supportive administrative department, or some other career related to the student's interests and concerns.