Strength and Conditioning Program

Strength & Conditioning Staff

Terry Grossetti

Director of Performance and Player Development

Sports: Football

Credentials: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Matt Sommers

Director of Sports Performance

Sports: Football, Baseball, Volleyball, Track & Field

Credentials: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Connor Keenan

Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach

Credentials: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

The Strength and Conditioning staff aims to provide Youngstown State student-athletes with training that optimizes their development in their respective sport while prioritizing health, character, and the advancement of team culture.

Physical and mental development of student-athletes is achieved by prioritizing training options with the highest transference to their chosen sport. Training programs are evaluated and structured based on the physical qualities and movements inherent to each sport, and the positions/events within a sport.

Emphasis is placed on the evaluation and correction of mechanics pertaining to movements found both in the sport and in the training process. Programs are structured in a progressive manner which leads to sport form at the most crucial times, targeting both the short term and long term goals of the team and the individual student-athletes. Great emphasis is placed on stressor management while working closely with sport coaching staffs to monitor global load.

Effective training means and methods are selected which have the least net cost to the athlete. The Strength and Conditioning department works closely with the Athletic Training department as a unified system to develop plans for injury prevention, and to more effectively rehabilitate Student-Athletes back to play. A high priority is placed on injury prevention via proper exercise selection, load selection, volume selection, sequencing; as well as preventative work targeting general prevention, individual prevention, and specific issues inherent to each individual sport.

The Strength and Conditioning staff’s ever evolving philosophies are based on accepted principles, without being bound to any one system of practice, where everything exists as a potential tool to be used as best fit based on all contexts and needs relating to a team, and the individual student-athlete.

The YSU Strength and Conditioning Staff has the benefits working with two state-of-the-art weight room facilities.

The Stambaugh Stadium weight room is main home to all 21 intercollegiate athletic programs. With more 28,000 pounds of free weights, 8,000 pounds of dumbbells, 14,000 pounds of machine weights numerous lifting racks and cardiovascular machines, the facility continues to be one of the best in FCS Football.

The Beeghly Center weight room is located on the second floor of the arena. It features weight racks, free weights and other agility training and core workout machines. Men's Basketball, women's basketball, volleyball and other smaller team sports utilize the perfectly designed facility.