Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Youngstown State University Intercollegiate Athletics Department believes the student-athlete experience is essential to its mission. In order to assist in accomplishing this mission, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is available to all student-athletes.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Youngstown State University's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is:

  • To promote efficient communication between the Athletic Administration and the student-athlete population regarding areas that impact the student's athletic, academic, and personal well-being; and
  • To actively encourage more involvement of student-athletes in campus and community projects; and
  • To encourage unity, common purpose and camaraderie between teams and among all athletes in the athletic program; and
  • To establish a relationship with student government.

SAAC Officers (2020-21)

Mary Dunn
Mary Dunn
Elle Buffenbarger
Elle Buffenbarger
Vice President
Emma VanZanten
Emma VanZanten
Community Outreach Coordinator
Terron Taylor
Terron Taylor
Facilities Coordinator
Emma Wasielewski
Emma Wasielewski
Social Justice Coordinator

Sammy Dyson
YESPYs Event Coordinator

SAAC Leadership Award Winners

Since 1999, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee has selected a SAAC Leadership Award Winner. Criteria for the selection of the award winner include searching for opportunities to lead; enlisting others in a common vision; setting the example; recognizing individual contributions; celebrating team accomplishments; seeing an uplifting future and fostering collaboration. The award is voted on by the SAAC.

Year Male Leadership Award Female Leadership Award Horizon League Outreach Award
2019-20 Jake Wilson (Track & Field/XC) Mary Dunn (Basketball)  
2018-19 Alan Burns (Track & Field/XC) Shelby Marken (Track & Field) Softball
2017-18 Alan Burns (Track & Field/XC) Alexis Roach (Softball) Baseball
2016-17 Alan Burns (Track & Field/XC) Mia Barchetti (Golf) Softball
2015-16 Jon Hutnyan (Track & Field/XC) Miranda Castiglione (Softball) Softball
2014-15 Jon Hutnyan (Track and Field/XC) Marta Burak (Tennis) Softball
2013-14 Eric Rupe (Track and Field/XC) Liz Hornberger (Basketball) Softball
2012-13 Torrian Pace (Football) Brandi Brown (Basketball) Softball
2011-12 Kurt Hess (Football) Macey Nortey (Basketball) Softball
2010-11 Spenser Sulzener (Golf) Breanne Romeo (Track and Field) Swimming & Diving
2009-10 Stephen Blose (Football) Jennifer Johnstone (Swimming) Softball
2008-09 Mychal Savage (Football) Kelsey Gurganus (Basketball) Women's Basketball
2007-08 James Terry (Football) Michelle Fuleky (Tennis) Track & Field
2006-07 Jeremiah Wright (Football) Emily Wollet (Track and Field) Track & Field  
2005-06 Kyle Smith (Football) Tiffany Patteson (Softball) Track & Field  
2004-05 Josh Zarlenga (Golf) Erin Carter (Swimming) Women's Golf
2003-04 Adam Baumann (Basketball) Amber Smith (Softball) Swimming & Diving  
2002-03 Kurt Michaelis (Track and Field) Amber Smith (Softball) Swimming & Diving  
2001-02 P.J. Mays (Football) Melissa Lyczkowski (Volleyball) Women's Golf
2000-01 Denver Williams (Football) Dani Brown (Softball)  
1999-00 Anthony Rozzo (Football) Tamara Rudy (Volleyball)