Catching Up With Freshman Maddie Schires

Catching up with Maddie Schires
Catching up with Maddie Schires

Freshman Maddie Schires (Education/Wausau, Wis.) gives an update in this Q&A session.

What is your current location?

Who are you living with at the moment?
My mother and father

When did you start playing basketball and why?
I started playing basketball in about first grade. I enjoyed shooting a lot, which made me love the game.

Who or what has been the biggest influence or inspiration during your athletic career?
Every single coach that I had growing up had an influence on my athletic career. They all taught me something that to this day I remember and keep in mind always. Specifically, a coach that had and will always inspire and influence me is Jason Teske. He was my high school coach my freshman and sophomore years. Without the influence he had on me, I would not be the athlete or player that I am today.

What do you enjoy the most about being at YSU?
The new friends that I have created and the positive atmosphere. 

What are you going to miss most about not being around the team? 
I just miss hanging out with everyone and laughing with them!

What is going to be the toughest thing about not physically going to class?
Not being able to socialize with other people from my classes.

What do you miss most about your normal routine?
I really miss just being able to get into the weight room or a gym to work out.

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