Catching Up With Freshman Maitland Luksan

Maitland Luksan

Incoming freshman Maitland Luksan (Plymouth, Minn.) gives an update as she prepares to begin her collegiate career at Youngstown State. 

When did you start playing lacrosse and why?  
I started playing lacrosse when I transferred to my new school in seventh grade. I had been playing soccer and wanted to try something new.

What made you chose YSU?
I was impressed with the coaches and their goals for the program and I think it's a unique opportunity to be a part of creating a new and successful program.

What are your plans for the rest of the summer?
I plan on spending my time working out, playing lacrosse and preparing for college. I also plan to spend time with friends and family, spending time at the lake and riding my horse, Cinder.

Have you reached out to any of your new teammates, or did you previously know anyone on the team?
I have been talking with my YSU suitemates and teammates frequently and I also play on the same MN club team as Taylor Jones. It was funny because neither of us knew we were looking to play at YSU and when we ran into each other at the YSU lax prospect day in September, we were shocked! 

How anxious are you to get to campus and start your college career?
I am very excited to start my college career and experience living on my own away from home. It will be a good push for me to be more independent and to meet new people. I am definitely nervous, but eager to start at YSU this fall!

What was the lacrosse highlight of your high school/club career?
My junior year, we played an away game at one of our biggest rivals. Our games were always very physical and there was some bad blood. We usually battled in very close games but this time was different. We had never seen our team come together so well and we ended up destroying them by 10 in a great team effort.  

Do you have any pets and what are their names?
I have two black cats - one girl (Lulu) and one boy (Ghillie) and a dog who is a border collie/husky mix. He is a rescue from Oklahoma so we named him Okie. I also have a horse named Cinder.

What did you miss the most from your last few months of high school being cancelled?
Since I live in frigid Minnesota, our season doesn't start until the first week of April and it was very sad to not even experience the beginning of our season. I also missed getting the chance to lead my team as a captain on the field. My favorite days in the spring were our evening games at home, playing under the lights, and I was looking forward to those final senior season nights.

What kind of activities are you doing to stay in shape?
As soon as I got the bad news about my high school season being canceled, I started visiting a local turf complex where I did several online training clinics and challenges. In addition, I've been doing agility/strength training supplemented with cross training.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of playing lacrosse?
Outside of lacrosse, I love boating and jet skiing with my friends. I also love horseback riding and equestrian eventing. At the beginning of my senior year, I wanted to try something new so I decided to sign up for clay target shooting with one of my friends and I ended up really liking it. 

If you weren't a lacrosse player, what sport would you like to do?
If I weren't a lacrosse player, I would have played hockey. I almost played in seventh grade, but I realized I wanted to focus on just lacrosse. 

Any interesting story about yourself you would like to share?
I was an IVF baby and was a frozen embryo for two years. Maybe that's why the Minnesota winters don't bother me.

Who or what has been the biggest influence or inspiration during your athletic career?
My dad has been the biggest influence during my athletic career because he has supported me every step of the way. He has been a part of every decision along my journey and pushes me to be better 100% of the time. He has pushed me to put in the work outside of practice which has brought me to where I am today. I think I can count the number of my games that he has missed on one hand.

Did you have a favorite athlete or team that inspired you growing up? – If so, what athlete or team and why?
Megan Rapinoe and the entire USWNT have inspired me with both their success on the soccer field and for their willingness to fight for what they believe in off the field.